Sophi Mäkinen

I wanted to buy a ready-made business, but EU Legal Practice saved me. Specialists conducted a thorough preliminary audit of the company and it turned out to be overpriced. Plus a lot of weaknesses, loans and high risks. I cooperated with the company until I found a good purchase option. After that I further worked with EU Legal Practice on the issues of company registration, creation of statutory documents and other issues. Cooperation lasted for a long time and during the whole period the lawyers did not let me down. Always on time or even faster

Markas Eglītis

The lawyers handled a large amount of tasks in a month and a half, for this I leave a review. I was opening an online store which involves the use of personal data. As it turned out, it is necessary to ensure data protection. I don’t know how to do it myself. A colleague recommended EU Legal Practice.
During the consultation I was offered comprehensive assistance. As a result, the lawyers conducted an audit, drew up an action plan for data protection and developed the necessary documentation. While I was dealing with other issues, this one was closed by EU Legal Practice.

Mārtiņš Quantum

This year lawyers from EU Legal Practice represented my interests in court. An unconventional experience that deserves a review. The lawyers developed an effective defense strategy, conducted consultations, achieved a positive decision. They work skillfully, we will cooperate in 2024, it is better to keep good specialists close.

Bella Pētersons

I trust only proven companies, so on recommendation I chose EU Legal Practice. I had just started a company and at the first stage I needed to register the company immediately. An in-house lawyer would not have had time to organize the process in a short period of time, but the EU Legal Practice team managed it in two weeks. Saved time at this stage, but still had to be distracted at times to answer the lawyers. Everything is good, but I would like less time to spend with specialists.