Law fields

Our lawyers provide face-to-face and online consultations in all fields of civil law. Here you can find the areas that our clients most often have questions about.

Questions which you can address to our lawyers

Family law

We will assist in the legal settlement of relations with relatives

Labor law

We will protect your interests before your employer or employees

Administrative law

We will regulate your relationships with government bodies

Social law

We will determine the type of government assistance you are entitled to and help you apply for it.

Commercial law

We will quickly register or liquidate your business within the law

IT law

We will regulate the interaction of individuals and legal entities in the digital environment

Inheritance law

We will advise you on the procedure for obtaining an inheritance of property

Contract law

We will analyze existing agreements and draw up contracts to protect your interests

Tax law

We will help you optimize individual and corporate tax payments

Customs law

We will advise on cooperation with brokers, transportation and customs clearance of vehicles and goods

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