Legal consultation

A consultation with a specialized lawyer will allow you to quickly find a solution to the problem, taking into account your interests. Our experts will help you determine your rights and defend them during the trial. We provide consultations for individuals and businesses, working with almost all areas of law. We provide assistance to every client who asks for it!

The format of the consultation with a lawyer is up to you:

A personal meeting

You will be able to schedule a personal meeting with a lawyer for a consultation, choosing a convenient time for this. This format is ideal for discussing complex situations that are difficult to express in a letter or over the phone.

Video consultation

If you are unable to visit our office in person, we will provide the option of remote consultation via video link. This way you can get professional advice even while abroad. It is enough to have a phone or computer at hand, as well as a stable Internet connection. 


To explain in as much detail as possible the current situation, which you cannot understand without a lawyer, describe it and send it to a specialist in the form of an email. You can store the response you receive in your inbox to refer to if the legal problem reoccurs.

Legal assistance by phone

Our lawyers are ready to conduct a telephone consultation to promptly resolve legal problems or provide the necessary information. Indicate the time when it is convenient for you to consult with a specialist, and he will call you back.


Can’t find a solution to your legal issue?

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