Inheritance law

This is one of the branches of civil law that regulates issues related to inheritance of property.

Inheritance law regulates the order of transfer of property, rights and obligations from a deceased person to their heirs or other persons, determined by law or a pre-drafted will. It considers a wide range of issues, including the rights and obligations of heirs, the procedure and conditions for accepting an inheritance, the shares of heirs in inherited property, methods and conditions for challenging wills.

The lawyers of our company will advise you on issues of registration of inheritance rights and drafting the text of a will. If necessary, specialists will help you go to court and represent your interests in proceedings related to inheritance.

Refusal of an inheritance that includes the debts of the deceased

To prevent your relative’s obligations to creditors from passing on to you, you must write a waiver of such inheritance within the period established by law. Our lawyers will explain exactly what documents need to be prepared for this, which authorities should be contacted and how to obtain a certificate confirming that you are not responsible for the debts of the deceased.

Degree of relationship that allows you to receive an inheritance

The legislation determines the order of acquisition of rights to the property of a deceased person by his relatives. To satisfy your claims to the inheritance of a family member, seek advice from our lawyers. If necessary, they will help you challenge another court decision in your favor.

Procedure in case of death of the debtor

The law determines that legal inheritance occurs not only in relation to property, but also in relation to the debts of the deceased. Therefore, creditors have the right to appeal to the debtor’s heirs with a demand for the return of funds and interest on them in accordance with the agreement concluded during his lifetime. Our lawyers will help you defend your rights in such complex issues.

Declaration of a deceased person as bankrupt

In case of receiving an inheritance in the form of debts, the applicant can contact lawyers to evaluate the property of a deceased relative. If it turns out that its value does not exceed the amount of debts, then experts will help to go to court to declare the deceased bankrupt and settle disputes with creditors based on this fact.

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