Family law

A field of jurisprudence that regulates relationships between partners, parents and children, guardians and their wards.

Specialists in the field of family law deal with issues related to interpersonal relationships – marriage, parenthood, guardianship. The presence of family ties between the parties to legal disputes often leads to overly emotional and lengthy proceedings. However, our lawyers are ready to help you resolve the legal problem that has arisen in family relationships without psychological discomfort and in the shortest possible time. The most common issues we have to deal with are divorce, child custody, child support, and financial support for parents who cannot care for themselves.

Our lawyers will help you study and defend your rights, enter into profitable contracts and find a compromise in the most difficult situations. If necessary, we will provide a lawyer who will represent your interests in court.


These are financial resources that a parent who does not live with the child is obliged to pay for their maintenance. If such a person refuses to transfer the money, the other parent or guardian of the children has the right to file a lawsuit. Most often, such proceedings are carried out with the aim of establishing a fair amount of alimony, as well as collecting funds in case of non-payment.

Child custody right

In the event of a divorce, parents are required to determine who will be responsible for further guardianship of the common child, financial support and resolution of other issues related to raising children. Emotions often prevent parents from finding a compromise in such situations, so the help of an experienced lawyer will be especially relevant.

Establishing paternity

The need for a legal procedure for establishing paternity is usually associated with the absence of such an entry in the child’s documents, as well as the assignment of the right of custody and collection of alimony. To confirm the blood relationship between the defendant and the children, the court may request a DNA test.


This is a way of protecting the personal and property rights of minors or incapacitated persons, when responsibility for performing such functions is assigned to an official representative. A guardian can only be appointed by the court. The need to identify such a person arises, for example, if the father and mother of a child are deprived of parental rights or they are declared incompetent.

Divorce and division of property

Divorce often leads to the need to determine the rights of former spouses to common property. Difficulties in such a situation often arise when trying to confirm that a particular object was acquired during a joint life, determining obligations in relation to debts, or dividing property, which is represented, for example, in the form of residential real estate.

Petition for a restraining order

This type of claim is usually filed by individuals who have suffered physical or psychological violence. If such a threat is found to be real, the court will order that the defendant be prohibited from approaching the victim to prevent possible violence. The ban may apply to calls, social media and other means of communication.

Referral to a nursing home

If an elderly applicant is unable to care for themselves and they do not have close relatives who could do so, the person is placed in a nursing home. However, to be placed in such an institution, the consent of the elderly person themselves is required, as well as a decision on the financing of their maintenance – this may be family members or the state.

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