Legal support for business

By contacting our lawyers for legal support, you can be sure that your interests are protected at all stages of business processes, from registering a company and concluding contracts to resolving disputes in possible legal proceedings. Our company will ensure full compliance with the law, minimize legal risks and prevent possible problematic situations, which allows the business to focus on its development.

The main tasks that you can contact our company with are listed below:

Company registration

We will ensure compliance with all legal requirements and minimize the time required to complete the necessary documentation.

Conflicts with tax and other government authorities

We will analyze the legality of the actions of government officials, draw up a lawsuit, as well as other documents for negotiations.

Merger, division, business restructuring

We will assess the organizational structure of each company and help you choose the most optimal method of transformation. We will also prepare the necessary documents for carrying out the planned processes.

Debt collection

If your creditors are trying to achieve the return of funds in violation of agreements and deadlines, we will help defend your rights, including in court.

Handling employee relations

We will help with the drafting of labor contracts, payroll, taxes and compensation in case of accidents at work.


We will draw up an application to the court to declare the company insolvent, organize the sale of its assets to pay off existing debts, and engage in negotiations with creditors.


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