Other legal services

Our law company is ready to help you resolve the most complex legal issues. We will select an experienced and competent specialist who can quickly find a solution to your problem and provide legal support.

If necessary, we are ready to represent your rights before the court or other government agencies, in disputes with individuals or companies, and will do everything possible to defend your legal rights and obtain compensation.

The following non-standard tasks can be handled by our company:

Activities in the digital environment

We will help with the legal aspects of online commerce, protecting rights in online transactions, as well as issues of digital security and data protection. We will analyze the legislation in this area, as well as develop the necessary documentation, and, if necessary, begin a dispute or legal proceedings.

Recording legal events

We will help you collect the evidence necessary to go to court. In particular, lawyers will take care of the correct execution of the necessary documents, descriptions of videos and photos, and testimony, so that they are accepted and considered in court.

Providing legal opinions

We will prepare an independent expert opinion on an issue relevant to you related to legal practice. For example, we can provide an opinion on the legality of the parties’ actions in contractual relations, on the legality of adopted legal acts, or on possible risks in legal situations.

Support in disputes with consumers

We will help in resolving disputes related to the quality of goods and services, as well as reputational issues arising in connection with publications and materials in printed and electronic publications.


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