Legal Opinion

The lawyers of our company will prepare for you a competent opinion on any issue that concerns the legal aspects of your personal life or business. Such a document is drawn up based on your interests in a particular situation – concluding a transaction, resolving a dispute, determining rights to inheritance or government assistance, assessing risks.

A legal opinion is an independent conclusion of a lawyer made on the basis of current legislation. In conclusion, the lawyer gives a detailed and reasoned answer to your request, for example, describes the potential risks that you may encounter and makes recommendations on how to avoid them.

Most often our clients order a lawyer’s opinion on the following issues:

Intellectual property

Our lawyers can prepare an action plan for fixing copyright or patent for a specific physical or digital product, as well as for concluding a deal for its sale/purchase.

Merger or absorption of companies

Experts will analyze the current state of affairs in companies and draw conclusions about which business integration option is the most successful from the point of view of legislation and tax law.

Investments in foreign companies, securities

Lawyers will make an opinion on the legal side of the investment issue. In particular, this concerns the peculiarities of taxation in different countries, as well as the procedure for concluding contracts.

Working with cryptocurrency

Launching any startup related to digital money has its own risks, since not all states have developed a clear system for regulating such activities. A competent lawyer’s opinion will help to properly organize a business in this area, as well as attract funds from investors.


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