Recognition of insolvency

The recognition of a company’s insolvency makes it possible to initiate the process of selling its assets to pay off debt obligations. Our lawyers will help you prepare your business for bankruptcy, draw up an application for filing with the court, as well as other documentation related to liquidation and sale of assets. Our specialists will protect your interests regardless of the complexity of the situation and the size of your debts.

Within the framework of insolvency proceedings, our lawyers can solve such issues:

Legal assessment of pre-insolvency transactions

Preparation of legal opinions on the possibility of recognizing insolvency, drawing up an action plan

Launching the procedure for declaring insolvency of a company by preparing a reasonable application to the court, as well as written warnings for creditors

Support in court and during other processes that are mandatory to confirm the fact of the company’s insolvency

Drawing up statements, claims, complaints and other documents necessary for negotiations with creditors in the process of declaring a company insolvent

Representing the interests of creditors in a case of declaring a debtor insolvent, as well as preparing documents with claims for repayment of debts and interest thereon


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