Property right

Our company will help you secure your legal rights to property and protect you from illegal claims and provide legal clarity in real estate transactions. Our lawyers specializing in property law guarantee a full range of legal services, including consultations, transaction support and dispute resolution related to real estate, as well as the drafting of the necessary documentation.

We will assist you in solving the following property rights issues:

Acquisition and disposal of real estate

We will assess the legal risks of transactions, as well as provide verification of the correctness of the documents. We will help you choose the transaction option that will be the most favorable for you in terms of taxation. We will also provide advice and assistance in the preparation of sale and purchase agreements, leases and investment in commercial real estate.

Support in disputes over property rights

We can provide assistance in conflict situations related to real estate ownership by representing clients in court or in mediation. We will also handle disputes arising in situations of joint ownership of property, for example, in case of sale of such an object or termination of these rights.

Legal protection against illegal seizure of real estate

We will ensure monitoring and provide legal assistance in case of violation of your interests or rights, including the ownership of real estate. For example, we will help in case of illegal eviction from a residential premises.

Establishment of rights to real estate in the event of the death of the owner

We will help ensure legal inheritance in situations, including when, after the death of a relative, there is no will left. We will handle the preparation of the necessary documents, register property rights in state registers, and handle legal proceedings in the event of a conflict with co-owners or other family members.


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