Legal services

Our lawyers provide consultations in all areas of law, and if necessary, they can represent your interests in court or in the course of proceedings before other state authorities. The most popular services of our company are assistance in solving family conflicts, applying for social benefits, checking the legality of actions of creditors and bailiffs, assigning a fair amount of alimony, determining property rights.

You can send us a request to draft various documents, acts and charters for the activities of individuals or corporations, order a legal opinion on your issue, conduct a legal audit, prepare a merger or acquisition of companies. We also deal with legal aspects of intellectual property, insurance, data protection, business registration or liquidation.   

Our services

Legal consultation

You will work with a specialist whose profile corresponds to the subject of your legal enquiry. This will speed up the solution of your legal problem and allow you to get the desired result.

Drafting of documents

We will draft legal documents, ensuring their legal validity and compliance with the laws of the state where they will be applied.

Legal audit

Legal experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your company’s activities, identifying risks and inconsistencies in documentation, ensuring legal operation and minimising legal problems.

Legal Opinion

Provide expert legal conclusions and advice to help with important business decisions or to defend your position in court disputes.

Insolvency Recognition

We will assist in the process of recognising a company’s insolvency and take steps to protect your interests before creditors.

Copyright registration

We will help in solving all important issues related to intellectual property – from establishing copyright to defending it in court.

Company Conversion

We will deal with legal aspects of merger or acquisition of a business, transfer of ownership from one owner to another.


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Data Protection (GDPR)

We will prepare documentation on the protection of personal data on websites that represent your business, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Legal support for business

We will prepare you for the visit of the tax inspectorate, prevent disputes with a former employee or one of the shareholders, resolve conflicts with a counterparty, and represent your company before state authorities.

Property rights

We will help you to confirm your rights to real estate or other property, fix it with documents, deal with tax payment issues.

Court accompaniment and case management

Our lawyers will defend your interests before the court in the most complex situations, will help with procedural tasks related to disputes with state authorities.

Assistance in insurance claims

We will help in collecting insurance money, protect your interests and support you in insurance cases.

Other legal services

We are ready to provide legal services that are tailored to your needs and requirements, such as media disputes and other unusual issues.

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We have extensive experience in advising and handling legal cases. Our services are used by clients from all over the world, receiving successful resolution of their legal issues.

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