Administrative law

The legal sphere in which the regulation and control of the work of government organizations and other official institutions is carried out, ensuring the protection of freedoms, interests of society and the state.

Through administrative law, regulations and norms that regulate public relations arising as a result of the activities of state and self-government bodies. As a rule, our company is approached by individuals who seek to determine the legality of decisions of civil servants, as well as to challenge them. Most often, clients have questions about permits for the construction or commissioning of construction projects, approval of redevelopment projects.

Our lawyers will explain where your rights were violated and will also take care of the preparation of all necessary documents. If necessary, specialists will represent your side in court or take care of paperwork, resolving legal issues with state or municipal authorities.

  • Approval of detailed planning
  • Construction permit
  • Challenging an administrative act
  • Claims against the state and self-government bodies

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