Contract law

A field of law that establishes the procedure for the creation and termination of legal obligations arising from contracts between individuals or companies.

Contract law sets out the rules for the formation, performance and termination of contracts between parties. It covers a wide range of issues related to the procedure for signing legally binding agreements, the obligations of the parties to fulfill the terms of agreements, as well as the consequences of violation or termination of agreements.

The specialists of our company will help you develop contracts for concluding transactions with partners or hiring employees, taking into account the law and your interests, excluding any financial and legal risks in the future. In case of disputes related to obligations under the contract, specialists will advise on your rights and draw up a procedure for restoring them. If necessary, our lawyers will defend your side in court.

Consulting on issues related to contracts

Our lawyers will help you analyze the legality of the contracts you signed related to purchase and sale, donation, rent, loans, insurance, leasing, franchising and other legal issues. If errors or clauses are found in the document that pose a risk to your interests, specialists will help you terminate the current agreement and draw up the text of a new one.

Drafting of business contracts

Before we begin drafting the text of the document, we will study in detail the issue that it will regulate, your interests, as well as the current legislation. All of the above actions are aimed at ensuring that the signed contract has legal force and prevents all possible risks that could harm you in the future.

Conclusion of an agreement

Our lawyers will advise you on exactly how the contract should be drawn up and signed so that it becomes valid once signed by the parties. If necessary, specialists from our company can accompany you when signing the document.

Amendments and termination of the contract

We will help you negotiate with the other party on the possibility of introducing new clauses into the current agreement so that the provisions contained in it do not harm your rights and interests. If necessary, we will organize a procedure for terminating the contract and draw up a reasoned appeal explaining the need for such an action.

Conducting negotiations prior to concluding a contract

Our specialists will accompany you at a meeting with partners to reach mutual agreement on the content of the future contract. In advance, specialists will draw up the text of the contract taking into account your wishes.

Resolution of disputes arising from the contract

We will help you defend your rights in disputes that arise based on the clauses of the current contract. If necessary, we will go to court to defend your interests legally.

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