IT law

A cross-industry area of law that controls the activities of individuals and companies related to information technology.

IT law regulates the use of information and digital tools, services and infrastructure. It is closely related to other areas, but focuses exclusively on IT technologies – for example, the definition of copyright in relation to computer programs, licensing of activities on the Internet, and the protection of personal data when making online purchases. One of the tasks of IT law is to ensure the fundamental rights of the country’s citizens in the electronic environment.

Our company’s lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with legal issues arising in relation to the use of information technology.

Drawing up contracts to regulate legal relations in the IT sector

We will help you develop and execute in accordance with current legislation contracts and other documents necessary for working in the digital environment – a software development agreement, an agreement on the use of web hosting, terms of provision of cloud services, fixation of copyrights, licensing agreements.

Consulting in matters of IT law

We will provide a consultation or draw up a legal opinion on a legal issue that concerns you related to the use of digital technologies, as well as intellectual property rights in the digital environment, cybersecurity, preservation of state secrets and personal data. Let us explain the differences in the provisions of IT law in different states.

Conducting negotiations, disputes and litigation

We will prepare the necessary documents to represent your interests and argue your position in negotiations or disputes regarding the use, purchase/sale of digital technologies. If necessary, we will draw up a claim to go to court and provide you with a lawyer.

Providing legal support

Lawyers regularly monitor changes and innovations in state legislation that may directly or indirectly affect users of such tools. Experts will advise on your rights in the digital environment, specific legal problems related to IT, and will help protect your interests in court proceedings.

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