Company Conversion

Our lawyers will help you to perform a company conversion in compliance with all legal requirements, and to achieve your goals. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to change the corporate structure of the company, which will open up new opportunities for its development or management.

Our specialists will choose the most favorable option of converting your company, which will have a positive impact on its financial and reputational well-being, will handle the execution of the necessary documents and paperwork with the state authorities.

The tasks undertaken by our lawyers to successfully convert your company:

Legal audit of the company’s activities, on the basis of which lawyers will help you make a decision on choosing a new organizational and legal form for the business

Preparation of a legal report, which will present the justification of the need for business conversion from a legal and economic perspective

Drawing up and sending reports to the company’s shareholders in compliance with the necessary deadlines established by current legislation

Written resolution on company conversion with fixing the votes of the shareholders

Development of a new charter taking into account the approved organizational and legal form, as well as the wishes of shareholders on the size of the authorized capital, the rights of co-owners, and a new name

Drawing up an application for inclusion of the company in the state register of enterprises, along with which a package of additional documents required by law is also developed and submitted


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