Enforcement proceedings

A set of measures that can be used to enforce legal orders, such as alimony or debt repayment.

Enforcement proceedings are physical measures and court decisions that are used to enforce various regulations and orders. This area of jurisprudence also regulates the work of bailiffs. Most often, this need arises when clarifying disputes between debtors and creditors. For example, the court may consider determining what kind of property will be seized, what amount can be charged monthly from the debtor, whether the person is the sole owner of the property or co-owners, and whether the statute of limitations on the claim has expired.

Lawyers will help protect your rights and will draw up the necessary contracts and other legal documents. Also, specialists will accompany you in court during enforcement proceedings, if necessary.

  • Recognition of forced execution as unacceptable
  • Complaint about the activities or decision of a bailiff
  • Challenging the act of seizure of property

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