Customs law

The field of law that regulates the procedures for the importation and exportation of goods across state borders and establishes the collection of customs duties, taxes and fees.

Customs law establishes rules and regulations governing the movement of goods across state borders. The relevant legislation determines the procedures for the import and export of products, control over the payment of customs duties, taxes and fees, as well as regulation of compliance with customs rules in order to protect the economic interests of the state. Specialists in this field also deal with issues of preparing customs declarations, classifying goods according to customs rates, determining the country of origin of goods, and also monitor compliance with international agreements and treaties.

The lawyers of our company will help you determine your rights and obligations when moving goods across the border. If problems arise with the authorities, they will take care of the paperwork and represent your interests in disputes and litigation.

Filing a goods declaration

Lawyers will help you fill out the customs declaration correctly, depending on the type of goods that must be moved across the border, in order to speed up this procedure and minimize the imposition of fines or other sanctions.

Export of goods abroad

Lawyers will provide professional support and advice during the export of goods abroad, including the preparation of necessary documents and compliance with customs formalities, which facilitates the smooth passage of customs control.

Application of exemptions for goods

We will draw up a legal opinion regarding the issue of exemptions that are applied taking into account the classification of imported/exported goods. We will help you achieve the application of lower duties in court.

Refund of overpaid import duties or other payments

We will challenge the decisions of the customs authorities and achieve the return of funds that were paid due to unlawful actions of government officials.

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