Legal audit

A legal audit is an independent assessment of a company, the purpose of which is to verify the compliance of its activities with the current legislation of the country. Specialists help determine whether certain areas of work are legal, whether taxes are paid correctly, and whether employees are paid wages.

Our specialists will not only help you find weaknesses in your company’s activities, but will also provide a plan for eliminating them, and will also engage in its implementation. This service is also relevant when purchasing an existing business, since it allows you to record all the risks for the buyer and determine the adequate cost of the transaction.

If necessary, you can order from our company an assessment of the most problematic areas of your enterprise:

Property audit

Lawyers will help determine whether ownership of movable and immovable property is legal. For example, how correctly the privatization of the premises was carried out, whether the patent for the production of a specific product was correctly issued.

Audit of agreements with employees and contractors

The contract between the two parties should describe not only the terms of cooperation, but also a plan of action in case of failure to fulfill obligations. Our lawyers will assess the extent to which your company’s current contracts cover all possible situations in relations with employees or contractors, and also comply with legal norms.

Transaction audit

Specialists will analyze contracts drawn up with partners, paying special attention to financial issues and the conditions for transferring objects into ownership. An audit of transactions can also be carried out to ensure the correct management of tenders that the company issues or in which it participates.

Audit of legal conflicts

We will conduct a legal assessment of the subject of the current dispute. An audit of legal conflicts may concern such issues as the amount of tax that the company is obliged to pay, the amount of compensation to employees in case of layoffs.


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