Court accompaniment and case management

Our lawyers and advocates can accompany you in any legal proceedings and disputes with government authorities, using all legal methods to protect your rights. At your request, we will develop an action strategy, help collect and draw up the necessary documents, and organize the execution of court decisions through a state executor. We will find a solution even in the most difficult situation!

Our company provides a wide range of services related to court and case management:

Development of concepts to defend the client’s interests

We will analyze the legal details of the case and develop a strategy to protect your interests in court. We will take into account your wishes and rely on the current legislation in every action.

Preparation and submission of statements of claim, complaints and procedural documents

We will write down legally justified ones for applying to court or another institution. For example, we will help you prepare a claim for damages, complaints against illegal decisions of government bodies or other documents necessary to protect your rights.

Representation of the client’s interests in courts of various levels

We will accompany you not only in a regular court, but also in arbitration and other state and local government institutions. Our lawyers and attorneys will be with you every step of the way to quickly make decisions and change the concept of defense if new circumstances arise.

Assistance in resolving civil disputes

We will represent your side in proceedings related to purchase and sale agreements, leases or other civil legal relations. We will deal with all bureaucratic issues that arise during the trial and after its completion, for example, legalizing decisions made by foreign authorities, obtaining a writ of execution.


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