Drafting of documents

The specialists of our company will help you quickly draw up legal documentation for individuals and companies. We guarantee that all conclusions, agreements and charters provided by us will be drawn up taking into account current legal requirements.

It is very important to entrust the drafting of official documentation to professional legal practitioners, since it uses precise legal language to avoid any discrepancies. Also, specialists always monitor changes in legislation, which they will take into account when developing your contracts or the text of the agreement.

Documents that our lawyers most often work with:

Agreements between individuals and legal entities

A properly drafted contract will help regulate the interaction between the two parties, as well as eliminate the occurrence of conflicts in the future. Agreements can relate to a variety of issues – supplies of raw materials, rent, loans, transportation, leasing.

Company charter and related documentation

The presence of this document is mandatory when establishing a company, since it determines the procedure and conditions of activity and the distribution of powers between shareholders. A description of the procedure and rules for distribution of profits, conditions of liquidation, and use of assets requires attention.

Agreements between parties in disputes

Misunderstandings can arise between individuals or companies, as well as between citizens of a country and the government. In many cases, it is possible to find a solution to a problem without going to court, but in order to consolidate agreements, a written contract must be concluded.

Requests to state authorities

In order to defend your rights before the state, as well as to achieve the required payments or tax benefits, you need to legally compose a request to the responsible department. Incorrectly submitted information or the absence of all data may lead to a delay in consideration of the request or a refusal. Lawyers will help minimize such risks.


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