Consultation by email

If there is not enough time for a personal meeting or video call, our lawyers will advise you by email. You can send a letter and get acquainted with the answers of specialists at any time of the day, when work and home tasks do not interfere. An online consultation via email will help you resolve any issues that arise at your pace and with maximum confidentiality.

  • Communication at your convenience
  • Privacy guarantee
  • Consultation with a professional

How to order a consultation by email

1. Describe the problem

Succinctly state the essence of your appeal in the letter, without omitting details and, if possible, attach important documents to the message.

2. Send an email

Be sure to include your details and email address so that the lawyer can contact you. We guarantee that we will forward your request to the most competent specialist, or you can choose a lawyer for consultation.

3. Wait for a response

Lawyers will review your request as quickly as possible and immediately draw up written explanations or recommendations. You will receive the answer to your email.

Most frequent questions from our customers

How is the selection of a lawyer made?

When booking a consultation, you can choose a specialist yourself by reading their profile.

How to properly prepare for a consultation?

To immediately receive the most accurate and comprehensive answer from a lawyer, follow several recommendations when drawing up your request: 

  1. Describe your request as clearly as possible, focusing solely on facts and events. List 1-5 questions you would like to ask the lawyer and then briefly describe the circumstances.
  2. If necessary, you can attach to the email documents that are necessary to understand the situation. Collect them in advance, attach all files to one message. Be sure to write down the titles for each document so that the lawyer spends less time analyzing the problem and you receive an answer faster.
  3. Before sending a message, check whether you have missed any important details, try to shorten the letter, if possible. Try not to send additional letters, as this will cause you to wait longer for your legal problem to be resolved.
Can I send documents to a lawyer?

If a specialist needs to review your contracts or other documents to clarify the current situation, be sure to attach them to the letter. Don’t forget to write down the purpose of each file. If your email service does not allow you to download large documents, save them in the cloud, for example, on Google Drive, and insert a link to the storage in the letter. Make sure that the lawyer has access to view your virtual disk.

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