Our law firm offers a flexible approach to consultations, giving you the opportunity to choose the most convenient format of communication. Experienced lawyers are available for face-to-face meetings at a time convenient for you, as well as ready to provide qualified assistance by phone, video link or email.

Contact options

Choose a convenient way to contact a lawyer

Online consultation

The meeting is conducted using an online platform, which can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer. No additional software is needed for a video call, just a stable internet connection, a switched-on camera and a headset (microphone, headphones).

Email Icon


Describe and send your enquiry to the solicitor via email and the specialist will send you their recommendations by return email.


Personal consultation is held in our company’s office. Only you and the lawyer will be present at the meeting.

  • Reasonable price
  • The time is set by you
  • Consultation with a professional


Solicitors can contact you by phone to discuss legal matters. You can use a smartphone or landline device to communicate.

How to order a consultation

1. Define the type of service

In the form for ordering a consultation you can choose the format of your conversation with a lawyer.

2. Specify a suitable date and time

A lawyer will contact you for a conversation at a time that suits you.

3. Receive a consultation

Wait for a call from a specialist, answer the phone call and find out the answers to your questions.

The most frequent questions of our clients

How much does a consultation cost?

You will receive information about this when booking a call. If the initial conversation does not allow you to find a solution to a troubling legal problem, you can agree with the specialist further co-operation.

When will the lawyer call me back?

Ordering the service, you yourself specify a convenient period of time for consultation, during which you should expect a call.

How do I proceed if I still need the help of a lawyer after the consultation?

You will be able to continue cooperation with the specialist, choosing the optimal package of services for yourself. 

Which lawyers can help me?

You will be able to choose the specialist for your consultation when you book the service. Our lawyers have a master’s degree and long experience.

How do I pay for the consultation?

After booking the service you will receive an invoice to your email inbox. Please pay for the consultation as soon as possible to receive a call from a lawyer at the appointed time.


Can’t find a solution to your legal problem?

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