Legal consultation in person

This is a personal meeting with a specialist, which is held in the office of our company. This type of consultation is best suited for solving complex legal problems. You can make an appointment with a lawyer at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Communication at your convenience
  • Privacy guarantee
  • Personal consultation with a professional

How to book a consultation with a lawyer in person?

1. Choose the right time

You can specify a convenient time for the meeting, as well as any of our offices where you want to hold it.

2. Describe your legal issue

So that the specialist gets acquainted with your questions before the personal meeting, and the consultation itself takes less time, send a preliminary request and materials by e-mail.

3. Confirm your reservation

Provide your contact information and select a lawyer who will conduct the consultation. Confirm your visit time. Confirmation will be sent to your email.

Most frequent questions from our customers

Can I choose my own lawyer?

Yes, you can view the profiles of each specialist on our website. When booking your consultation, simply indicate which lawyer you would like to see.

What happens after the first meeting with a lawyer?

Further communication with a specialist related to solving your legal problem can be carried out remotely – by email or telephone. If you need to deal with complex issues, you can make an appointment with our office again.

Still have questions left?

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